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Take total control of your Internet naming systems


Managed DNS Your Internet presence depends on your Internet domain names. The DNS Max managed DNS service gives you total control over your domains. You can create DNS records in real time using our web-based DNS control panel. DNS Max supports all DNS record types, including static and dynamic address records and SPF records for email security.
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DNS Max Onsite DNS Max Onsite gives you the power and simplicity of the web-based DNS Max management software, but allows you to deploy your own infrastructure. DNS Max Onsite is perfect for organizations that wish to run their own DNS servers built on world-class DNS software.
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Enterprise Services Developing the software that drives DNS Max has given Algenta Technologies a great deal of expertise in the DNS protocol and in the different pieces of software that make the Internet naming system work. We can put this knowledge to work for you.
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DNS Product Integration Algenta's DNS experts can work with you to integrate DNS and dynamic DNS functionality into your own products and services. For your software or hardware product, we can provide you with source code and direction to integrate the functionality. We can also help you run your own dynamic DNS servers or you can make use of our existing infrastructure.
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